Surefire Titan Plus: The most versatile compact light.

TITAN-B Flashlight

Whether you call it a flashlight, torch, beacon, or any other colloquial term, having the proper illumination always makes a difference. While finding a flashlight may be relatively easy finding the correct light that can function through just about any set up circumstances remains paramount. Let’s be honest, we all have that emergency box of rusted batteries and cheap plastic flashlights sitting somewhere in the bottom of the pantry or perhaps the under the bathroom sink. Sure it gives you a slight sense of safety but when you really need a working light the best you can typically muster with the entire antiquated collection is a dim glow that never travels more then the distance of a used tea candle. Whats even more shocking is that no matter the size of the plastic behemoth tucked away, it still never seems to provide any more light. I finally gave in after mother nature knocked out the power and I was forced to navigate my house without the aid of a flashlight because all five of my junkers seemed incapable of performing their function.

After careful consideration through a myriad of flashlight brands I finally chose the Surefire brand. Now don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of quality of light manufacturers, most of whom we sell, but when it comes to my personal choice of flashlight I have officially switched to a Surefire. I recognize that this may not completely help you with finding the perfect light so instead let me offer you one choice within the Surefire brand that is sure to meet all of your illumination needs.The Surefire Titan Plus is hands down the most versatile, rugged, and compact light you can get for your money.

Addressing first the versatility, the Surefire Titan plus or TITAN-B for short offers three variable illumination settings helping to balance lumens with runtime. If you are interested in lighting up an entire room then switch the TITAN-B to it’s 300 lumen settings and watch as it crisply envelopes its intended target in bright LED light that is guaranteed to last up to an hour. Balancing power consumption with output you can also select the 75 lumen mode which provides ample light in most settings and is guaranteed to last for at the very least two hours. On the lower end of the output spectrum you can switch the Surefire Titan Plus to the 15 lumen setting and expect the beam to last for seven hours of continual runtime. Did I also mention that the entire light is powered by a single AAA battery? One small easily replaceable battery gives you all the illumination needed to run.
But why stop there; the TITAN-B also delivers rugged durability, designed to handle the abuses of the day.Constructed of a durable nickel-plated brass, the exterior of the Titan Plus is imperious to corrosion and resistant to scratching. Inside the Surefire is equipped with a virtually indestructible LED and the entire light is backed with Surefire’s lifetime warranty. If all of those details haven’t sold you yet then perhaps the fact that this compact light was actually designed to be placed on a set of key rings. Smaller then the palm of your hand the TITAN-B can be easily placed into the pocket of your slacks or suit.

Surefire Titan Plus fitting into palm of hand

There is literally no other brand which can claim the versatility, ruggedness, compactness, and the backing of one of the most reliable manufacturer warranties then the Surefire Titan Plus. How does that old saying go? Great things come in small packages? Either way the Surefire Titan Plus is sure to be your go-to carry light replacing all of the junk under your sink.

For more information on the TITAN-B check out the link below:

Leupold VX-3I: The Ultimate Riflescope

This March we are proud to announce an increase in the number of Leupold riflescopes that we will be stocking. In particular, we will be featuring the brand new 2016 Leupold VX-3I line of premium riflescopes, built for the avid hunter. Check out the video below.

The American made VX-3I optic is completely redesigned offering easy to grasp power selectors and a new sleek minimalist look. The VX-3I also brings an enhanced Twilight Max Light Management System that allows the user to clearly see the intended target even amongst diminishing light. Applied coatings maximize colors in low light conditions and magnify the contrast of the target with the background. This perfect harmony of color balancing gives the user the distinct ability to crisply pick out various animals in otherwise shadowed environments. Combined with the other Leupold scope basics like a rugged impact resistance frame and a lockable fast focus eyepiece, the VX-3I line is sure to become a must on any hunters wish list.

As of right now the available units that we are currently offering are listed below. If you do not see your scope listed, then please give us a call at 407-674-8775 so we can give you an ETA.


LEUPOLD VX-3I 3.5-10X50 B&C MATTE (LP170685)



LEUPOLD VX-3I 4.5-14X40 B&C MATTE (LP170690)

GearWrench Pivot Force Pliers: Serious Cutting Power

They’re few things more reliable in any tool shed or mechanic’s garage than a pair of pliers that will cut through tough wires, hardened rings, and various other products. My personal approach has always been centered on a specific brands but after careful review I believe I may need to check out the KDT82120 Pivot Force Pliers. This video was sent to me by one of our largest distributors and I think its definitely worth taking a look. While I have not yet tested these pliers for my self, you can bet the GearWrench Pivot Force Pliers will definitely be on the short list for tools to explore. Check out the video and let me know what you think. If you currently own a pair of the pivot force pliers then please let us know your own personal assessment. More Information for KDT82120 can be found in the link below.

Gearwrench 82120 Pivot Force Pliers

Questions Answered: Universal Spline Metric Combination Wrenches


The other day one of our customers asked us a difficult question on which set of metric wrenches do we prefer to use. In general terms this is not a mathematically difficult question but when trying to decide on a set of wrenches that have so often times been relegated to the over saturated field of commodities, coming up with a personal favorite can be tricky. Once I dug a little deeper into his specific uses and preferences I was able to narrow down a set of metric wrenches that I anecdotally enjoy using. While the Mountain RM6 is an excellent choice in the metric field the fact that they are double boxed typically makes me more hesitant. I guess I am old school but having a classic crescent has always been a top priority for me. With that being said the wrench set that I prefer is the Gearwrench 120XP Universal Spline XL Combination Ratcheting Wrenches. I know that sounds like quite a mouth full but the title pretty much sums up the full capabilities of the set. Typically I tend to automatically prefer extra length in my wrench beam, after all if you don’t need the length its no sweat and if you do, the wrench is fully capable. Often times I’ll get comments on how the XL models tend to snap under high torque scenarios but he Gearwrench set is designed to stay solid even under large amounts of stress. So I am yet to snap a wrench, even the thinner 6mm or 7mm. The Universal Spline Drive works on 5 different fasteners including 12-point, 6-point, Spline, E-Torx, square and also rounded 6-point, which also makes this set quite universal. When combined with a reduced diameter for the box end and an open end designed to fit in tighter spaces you get a consistent product with a myriad of possibilities. KDT86426 is the designation name you can find this product within our store and the set includes 6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15, 16, 17,18, and 19mm. Again that was just a quick personal overview to the one of the questions we received. If you have any other questions pertaining to a particular tool or just want to tell us an exaggerated fishing then please don’t hesitate to contact us at

For more information regarding KDT86426 Gearwrench 120XP Universal Spline XL Combination Ratcheting Wrench Kit check out the link below.



Reticle Types: An Overview of Nikon Riflescope Reticles



Often times when working with first time riflescope purchasers, after we have already decided on the correct objective and power, I am asked the question which reticle is the best? While that is most certainly a matter of opinion based upon experience and preference I still try to explain the myriad of options that are available from each manufacturer. So many times in fact this has been brought up that I have decided to create a quick overview of the most popular reticle types from the major riflescope brands. While I have purposefully left off multiple variations for sake of simplicity, this reference guide to reticles will hopefully help in your search. Today we are working with Nikon optics, and specifically the Nikoplex reticle versus the BDC reticle in an effort to choose the best reticle that meets your needs.

Define Reticle: The first thing we must do is discuss exactly what a reticle is. Simply put the reticle is a series of fine lines or fibers in the eyepiece of an optical device, in our case a riflescope. Once sighted in, these fine lines help guide your eye to a particular target and make shooting much more accurate.

In this post I will be going over five of our most popular brands. Again while they’re are countless others these are our most common sellers. The four brands we will discuss over the next couple of days are Nikon, Leupold, Burris, and Trijicon.

Nikon Optics

Nikon offers a numerous range of reticles ranging from their standard Nikoplex to their specialized Turkey Pro. For this example we are only going to look at the two most popular options, the Nikoplex and the BDC.

The Nikoplex is most similar to your standard fine line cross hair, with a two fine crossing fibers near the center and thicker posts around the outside of the reticle circumference. The thicker posts are designed to focus the eye center and part of the Nikon optics proprietary lens.

Next we have the BDC lens which comes in a variety of different ranges. The most basic BDC reticle incorporates a cross design with three thicker posts and one fine posts followed by vertically climbing circles designed to be hold over range markers. Each circle represents a different range extending out the lower hold over you choose.


Nikoplex versus the BDC

There is definitely a debate on which is the better way to go when choosing the correct reticle. Depending on your preference the Nikoplex may be desired for anyone who prefers the consistency of a traditional reticle. It is clean and efficient but requires more acumen in the sighting. The BDC on the other hand has provided guidance hold overs but the clutter on the lens may be an annoyance to the precision shooter. The one advantage the BDC does offer is the ability to link directly with Nikon’s smart phone app Spot On, which helps calculate yardage for the shooter.

So in the debate of Nikoplex versus BDC which reigns supreme? In any and every shooting venture it is important to choose the reticle that you feel is most comfortable with your style. Nikon Optics do offer a variety of other options but between the Nikoplex and BDC reticles your sure not to go wrong.


Our Favorite Product: LCWDCAEK4 Duracoat Aerosol Kit Matte Black


I am going to take just a few more seconds of your time to discuss the merits of my new favorite product for 2015. I believe the Duracoat aerosol kits have been around for a couple of years but I was just so fortunate to discover them this year. In my last post I attached a fairly descriptive video of the Duracoat aerosol products so please if you would like to know more about the specifics of the Duracoat aerosol line check it out in the link here.

In this post I am specifically going to discuss one color that we have found to be abundantly popular. Im sure it comes as no surprise to those in the world of firearms, but our number one selling Duracoat aerosol kit is matte black otherwise known as LCWDCAEK4. To offer his personal view of why Duracoat wins the award here is Dale Sykes, one of our warehouse team members review (as a side note I added duracoat matte black or LCWDCAEK4 into places where he said general nouns such as stuff… why you ask… for search engines of course:

“What makes the Duracoat matte black aerosol kit so unique is the durability of the product. I have personally used several other application type methods for coating my firearm but what I have run into time and time again has been the constant need for reapplication. Most other coloring agents where after a few months or can be scratched off in the right conditions. At this point in time I can only attest to LCWDCAEK4 but I am fairly certain that all of the other colors will offer the same level of durability. I spray painted my Springfield XD 9mm with a coating of the Matte Black Duracoat and thus far have experienced very little in the way of wear. Granted I have not had the coating on my gun for long but I was able to perform my own version of a stress test using a penny once the spray had dried. I ran the penny across the slide and had no scrapings or indications of a mark. Honestly it was fairly impressive. I will of course do my due diligence and monitor the weapon over the next couple weeks but thus far it appears the matte black version LCWDCAEK4 should be named

That is why today we award another winer of our favorite products list of 2015 to to the Duracoat Aerosol Kit… and more specifically LCWDCAEK4 Matte Black. If you love it you can thank me for introducing it to you… if you hate it you can blame Dale. Check out Duracoat Matte Black below:


Duracoat Aerosol Kit

There are some products that are literally so incredible that is better to simply show a video then to even bother with words and the Duracoat aerosol kits are just one such product. While yes I realize that this again sounds extremely gimmicky… sorry about that… I can’t help but excited. If your a gun owner and you they didn’t have your handgun in flat dark earth or OD green the Duracoat firearm finishes will give you the exact color you want and provide a professional appearance. The other benefit any of the duracoat finishes offer is an abrasion, impact, and corrosion defense for all of their products. Once the aerosol has set you can clean your gun with oils and anything else and it will stay pristine. Check out the video below to see how to use the Duracoat aerosol kit.


For more information on specific products check out the 13 colors that we provide:

Duracoat Matte Black 

Duracoat Pink Lady

Duracoat Magpul Flat Dark Earth

Duracoat Magpul OD Green

Duracoat Tactical Black

Duracoat Tactical Foliage Green

Duracoat Tactical OD Green

Duracoat Tactical Coyote

Duracoat Tactical Flat Dark Earth

Duracoat Tactical Extreme Gray

Duracoat Tactical Gray Green

Duracoat Tactical Woodland Tan

Duracoat Tactical Woodland Brown




Happy Veterans Day

First and foremost from all of us at The Tool people would like to say to all veterans past or present, with the warmest gratitude in our hearts, thank you for giving us our freedom. Thank you veterans for sacrificing your lives and those of your families to ensure that our country is proud and free. For those who are currently in uniform we offer our prayers and wishes that you may come home safe. God Bless America.


Our Favorite Product of 2015: Slime Tire Sealant SLMSDSB-1G


As we march closer to the end of the 2015 year we are going to start featuring some of our favorite products over the year. These may not necessarily be new products but each of these items have shown to be extremely useful, priced fairly, and fill a given role better than anything else in their given category. At the end of the year we will announce the overall winner for our pick of product of the year.

So here is the scenario, your driving your motorbike across the salt flats and you suddenly realize that you have flat tire. Unfortunately you don’t have a spare tire because of the space required to keep one on the bike and you most certainly would prefer not to have to lug your bike to the nearest shop for replacement. You throw up your hands in defeat and contact the expensive tow truck company.

While this may not be the exact scenario that you have found yourself in, we all at some point have experienced a flat tire that utterly ruined our day. Technology has offered us run-flat tires and tire patches, but the former can be expensive and the latter takes time and energy. With the march of innovation we have finally discovered a new product that will revolutionize the tire sealant industry. While most of that may sound like hyperbole, Slime products truly deserve the seal of approval from our team at The Tool People. Slime tire sealant is specially designed for ATVs, motorcycles, dirt bikes, bikes, tractors, trailers and whole list of other vehicles.

While the Slime tire sealant comes in a variety of sizes and specified applications many people prefer to carry an emergency can of the original 8oz Slime tire sealant. Personally I carry the gallon model (part number SLMSDSB-1G) because I find it to be the most economical, but all of that is a matter of personal preference. In the above video you can see exactly how the Slime SLMSDSB-1G scientifically works during a given puncture. Basically the slime coats the inside of your tires in a liquid form and when a puncture occurs it flows to the area of distress and seals it off like platelets in your blood stream. While there are certainly some detractors, I have found that the Slime tire sealant has exceeded all my expectations. Some folks prefer to use the Slime SLMSDSB-1G in the damaged tire but I prefer to have all of my tires interiors coated. Because the Slime lasts two years your virtually guaranteed instant puncture protection. The other nice thing that earns Slime tire sealant our favorite products nomination is the ability to continually reuse the product. You can punch multiple holes in the tire and the Slime will work each and every time with no need for a refill. The tire sealant comes available for tubed or tubeless tires and is extremely easy to use even for the most novice individual.

All Slime tire sealant comes with a core remover for your valves stem. Once you realize you have a flat remove the core with the provided tool and flush the air from the tire. Then attach the provided tube conduit to your valve stem and pump in the required amount of tire Slime. All of the required fill levels are written on the back of the Slime product in the application chart. Once you’ve placed the sealant in the tire, replace the core, and air up the tire. Give it a quick spin to coat the interior of the tire and your in business.

For more information about Slime tire products check out The Tool People in the link below:

Slime Tire Sealant


A Quick Review of the Mountain Tools Return Policy

If you are like many customers that have purchased the ever popular MTNRM6 wrench set you may be wondering how to use that lifetime warranty that most Mountain hand tools possess. Because Mountain Tools are a private tool brand all of the warranty issues are dealt directly with the retailer. So if you have purchased a Mountain product from us in the past and your claim falls within the manufacturers warranty purvey, then you would start your your claim process here.

The Steps:

  1. Contact The Tool people: You can do this a few ways. You can either call us at 407-674-8775 and speak with a representative, or email us at We are also available via chatline. Once you have selected how you would like to communicate with us, let your representative (or write in the email) your name, order number and which tool you are having issues with.
  2. Wait for an email from The Tool People. After you have provided all of the necessary information we will send you a follow up email with address to ship the return as well as an RMA (return authorization number). Simply mail back your broken item (we do not pay for shipping there) to the given address and place the RMA number on the package.
  3. Once the package arrives at the facility it will be checked and a brand new unit will be sent to your provided home or business address.

Hopefully we were able to clarify the return process for you. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to give us a call.