VMPVT-001 VamPLIERS Review



vampliers unique functionality

There is nothing more exciting than getting a new set of tools in the mail to test out later at the office. Today the vamPLIERS from Vampire Tools showed up at our garage set. I had already been excited to check out these pliers and when i received them I certainly wasn’t disappointed. I mean with a name like VamPLIERS, how can you be disappointed? The VamPLIERS market themselves as the ultimate screw extractor and we decided to put this to the test. In the package we received an aluminum demo block which contained several types of screws but we decided it would be more fun to add some new additions to the test. We drilled several wood screws into one of our own home built blocks. Even at the first glance you can tell that these pliers are built with a stunning level of craftsmanship and at a $31.00 price tag one would certainly hope so. The first thing you immediately notice is the unique concave shape of the jaws. Lining there interior of the jaws are the horizontal and vertical serrations that make gripping screws possible. The serrations give the pliers the extra edge in tearing free rusted, corroded, and stripped screws with ease. The handle is built with the same level of detail and quality as the rest of the tool and although I would not necessarily say its the best ergonomically built handle Ive ever used it certainly gets the job done free of pain. The pliers are built spring loaded and do not have any sort of locking mechanism.

In testing the VamPLIERS appeared to handle every task with deft. Although there certainly was the occasional screw that proved rather difficult, with the right amount of pressure nearly every screw was able to be extracted. A notable exception to this was a buried screw in our wood block which a professional screw extractor would to have been used. On the aluminum block the vamPLIERS seemed to be be very precise and had little to any slippage. Overall the VamPLIERS were able to live up to their title and would be a welcome addition to nearly any toolbox.

On the manufacturers website it appeared that there were numerous other uses featured. Although we do not get a chance to test all of these uses, Im sure the VamPLIERS would have been excellent in many applications. Some of the other professional applications included bikes, computers, mobile phones, toys, etc. One last cool tidbit about the VamPLIERS is that you can have them engraved with whatever you would like on the jaws. Perfect valentines gift for that special lady.

As always you can find the Vampliers at The Tool People.

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